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Gettysburg Connection believes every Adams County resident deserves free, timely, and trustworthy local news. 

Our newsroom is supported by those who are able and willing to give – because they believe in the value of what we do.

Founded in 2018 by owner, publisher and editor Charles Stangor, the Connection has quickly grown to be the premier source of free and accessible online news for Gettysburg and Adams County residents.

We publish hyperlocal journalism – focused on the 100,000 residents in Adams County – that promotes civic engagement and community trust.

Gettysburg Connection is independently operated and not associated with any other media organization. We are supported by the generosity of individual members and organizational sponsors.

Meet Charles Stangor

Welcome, everyone, to Gettysburg Connection!

I’m Chuck Stangor, your publisher.

I’ve been working very hard every day for the last four years to bring free local news to this community.

We focus on positive news that makes a difference to our neighbors.

The Connection works with local writers, including Holly Weaver from Gettysburg, and Imari Scarbraugh from Chambersburg.

We’d like to add another journalist to our small but mighty team to share more of the stories that matter to you!

Please consider making a contribution to help us grow our newsroom.

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Gettysburg Connection keeps me connected to things that are important

I often catch stories of interest that I don’t see elsewhere

Local, honest reporting

It really makes my day

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